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The Maximus Edge Autobot is new trading tool, designed to make online investing more reachable and effective for novice and advanced traders. Within this short review we`ll try to explain what exactly this Expert Advisor does. Moreover we`ll cover some important topics, which you need to cover with any automated software you land on. Simply because there is a lot of fraud out there and you really want to be more careful with your decisions.

maximus edge autobot scam review,

Maximus Edge AutoBot Scam Review – The investigation!

The most important detail regarding this trading tool is that it’s simple to use. Usually most investing platforms out there are full of buttons and settings, which majority of the people cannot even understand. In addition, we believe that the more the settings are the more the doors to wash hands are. Basically, if service has many settings people usually cannot make it work, and once they seek justice the answer is all the same: “You are doing something wrong”. Well our general opinion is that those kinds of answers are just marketing trick and nothing more. The maximus Edge EA however is super simple, and if it’s not working you`ll see it right away.

How Maximus Edge Autobot Works?

As we explained, the system works pretty simple, and it’s based on few top indicators: RSI STOCH, MACD, Pivot Levels, Bollinger Bands and Fibonacci retracements.

Now we`ll explain all those indicators in seek to provide transparency for those who are wondering how the inside of the system works.

  • Pivot Levels are daily HIGH, LOW and close. Those levels are used to estimate future support and resistance zones.
  • MACD, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence is a trend following indicator. As the name suggest the indicator uses 2 moving averages to forecast future continuations or direction changes into a market swing.
  • Bollinger Bands, another really strong indicator plotting two standard deviations away from a moving average. Interesting here is that the indicator also measures volatility causing the upper and lower band to extend and shrink when the market changes its volatility. Many traders are using this indicator to forecast pullbacks, and predict trend behavior.
  • Stoch – RSI, those are actually two indicators. Traders are usually using them as entry triggers in combinations with other indicators like MACD and Bollinger. The indicators measure oversold and overbought market conditions. Once market reaches high oversold levels it’s expected to reverse and go UP, and vice versa when market is overbought it’s expected to start selling.
  • Fibonacci retracements and extensions, are also once extremely famous indicator combining support and resistance levels with Fibonacci numbers. As the names suggests this indicator is fully based on the Fibonacci numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc. every next number is the sum of the previous two.

Bottom line is that the Maximus Edge Autobot is combining all those indicators into a cluster using them to provide investing suggestions to its users.

maximus edge autobot scam review,

Should we trust Maximus?

The presenter and overall the website maximusedge are looking clean and professional. But we always need to check things before we give it a go! Most money stealing schemes out there use marketing tricks in order to make you eager and force you into registration. Examples: they will claim unrealistic results, tell you that there is no risk, tell you that they are 100% accurate, etc. Usually they will try to sell you dreams. Inside maximusedge we do not hear such statements, which is a good sign.

Regarding the presenter, we do not know him but good thing is that he does not claim to be famous millionaire or special trading guru or anyting like that. In most cases the scam-artists always claim to be “the best traders / investors” and so on. Maximus here is not arrogant and we like that, he seems down earthed guy for us and we have nothing bad to say here.

What the community says?

maximus edge autobot scam review,

Every trading service out there has its feedback coming from the industry. We believe that this is one of the most important details, which every investor needs to look for before he registers with a investing tool.

You can check alone but we already did, and it seems that the Maximus Edge Autobot is fully endorsed by the community. The fact that everyone says its providing good results is enough for us to gain some trust in the service. There is nothing more reliable than the honest opinions coming from a normal day-traders.

Our experience with the Maximus Edge Autobot?

We participated into the beta for one month and managed to grow $250 account into $1920 opening 3-5 trades a day. This is the first system able to that in the last 4 months, which was quite remarkable. Basically, that’s why we fully trust the service and we recommend it for novice traders. The money factor is on spot and that’s the most important here.

maximus edge autobot scam review,

Maximus Edge Autobot Scam Review – The Conclusion!

Currently this is the only trading solution available for free that is providing good results. Trust us we have tested everything on the market, our team is dedicated to test and review trading services on daily basis for the past almost 3 years. The system is pretty reliable and we highly recommend it for novice and even experience traders, who are lazy enough to read charts. Inside maximusedge you cannot find anything shady or unrealistic. Moreover, we have experienced very good results for the past 30 days with the service.

Review Verdict: Maximus Edge Autobot is a Good Performing Trading Tool! Highly Recommended for novice and Advanced Traders.

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Before we conclude this, we would like to open your eyes a little bit more. Online Investing can be highly lucrative but also involves risk, that’s why you have to be very careful with the trading tools you us. Otherwise you can end up in a bad spot. Never trust services before you check them, and never trade with capital, which you cannot afford to lose. As we said trading can make you rich, but there is also chance of partial or full capital loses. Never trust services for which you cannot find positive reviews!

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